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Chenczke – production of tomatoes

W E G R O W I T. W E S E L L I T.

About us

The closely-knit Chenczke’s family business, dedicated to growing tomatoes dates back to 1991, when Krzysztof and Anna Chenczke set it up but it was Krzysztof’s grandfather who first taught his grandson how to cultivate the greens. Thus, growing tasty tomatoes is instilled in our roots as we continue the tradition started by our parents and grandparents. Currently, company founders’ three sons are responsible for running the farm: Damian is engaged in sales and distribution, while Mariusz and Kamil take care of production.

Chenczke’s horticultural farm, situated in the heart of Poland, has for many years now belonged to the leading Polish greenhouse vegetable growers, supplying the market with the highest quality organic products. Our tomatoes are valued for their quality and excellent taste; moreover, their production is held in highly specialized, advanced greenhouses with the use of a broad range of innovative technological solutions. These technologies include computer-controlled climate and watering of the substratum, biological protection and the application of bumble-bees for pollination. Biological plant protection is an absolute priority in production at our facilities.

The highest quality of the products is confirmed by recognized certificates, i.e. GLOBAL-G.A.P. (which is an independent and voluntary reassurance system for sustainable food production) and BRC (Global Standard Food), which is known, applied and accepted on the market by big chains of supermarkets all over the world. In 2012 Chenczke’s tomatoes were rewarded with the prestigious certificate “Doceń polskie” (let’s value Polish). The importance of the prize reflects the fact that the program has been held under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Therefore, the company has gained a specific product brand on the market and is recognized as high quality tomatoes producer. The objective still remains that our product meets international standards. Hard work, successive investments and commitment of the whole family allow to keep strong position among vegetable growers. A great deal of attention is paid to food safety, is paid as well as to the taste and quality of the tomatoes. Since families and friends are also customers, the company is obliged to maintain high level of the product with maximum of natural solutions. The quality really counts!


On the “Chenczke” horticultural farm specialized greenhouses ensure perfect conditions for growth and ripening. Tomatoes are produced according to modern indications on inert substrates, specifically on Grodan mineral wool. This allows the maintenance of optimum greenhouse environment, and aided by integrated computer systems helps to manage the crop creating factors. The farm uses modern automatic control of watering, air moisture, air flow, as well as CO2 levels, that can be adjusted by the computer system. The process of photosynthesis is intensified by the use of artificial lightning with new energy-efficient light sources applied, especially during low-light seasons so that constant crop yield is maintained. Also, in order to obtain the best possible conditions for growth and protection of the plants against pests, biological cultivation is used on the farm, including natural method of pollination by bumble-bees.

The company has been successful at establishing strict harvesting procedures and creating one of the most modern sorting plants in Poland, which makes it possible to meet the most demanding customer’s expectations towards the preparation of commodities. First, tomatoes are picked by hand straight to boxes arranged on inductive ROBOCARS. Due to this procedure, transit time is reduced and maximum flavor retention is ensured. Then, sorting is done by means of professional Maf Roda equipment which is responsible for precise selection of tomatoes for sale. Finally, weighed tomatoes are carefully packed and placed in storages from where they can reach the markets and, consequently, the consumers. We set the highest quality requirements and follow them during all manufacturing process. Therefore, it is possible to maintain perfect conditions for growing, harvesting and storing such delicate vegetables which at the same time preserve their high quality, and can be stored for a long time.

In the pursuit of excellence, Chenczke family cooperates with the leading European companies and science institutes. Among others, we use the advisory help of Substratus Horticultural Consultancy. Also, in recent years the company have been visited by tomato producers and international counsellors from Holland, France, England, the Czech Republic, Korea, and Canada. Our selection of methods and technologies of cultivation complies with any applicable European standards, and has resulted in the Global-G.A.P. certificate which confirms the quality of our products via the implementation of food safety HACCP system.

Many years of of experience supported by modern technologies have allowed us to grow tomatoes of the highest standards which enjoy vast popularity and recognition among our consumers. Nevertheless, Chenczke horticultural farm constantly develops the greenhouse buildings and strives to improve production standards in order to satisfy even the most challenging customer demands.

Our tomatoes

We specialize in the production of tomatoes. We deal exclusively with the cultivation of Admiro type tomatoes (from the point of sowing). It’s a traditional large-fruited variety which has unique taste values and is well fitted for transport. At present the farm covers 15 hectares of production area, which turn in the annual crops of 8 thousand tons of tomatoes. The crops are available for purchase from April to November, both on the domestic and foreign markets.

Round tomato (Admiro):
140–170 g, round, very hard, very attractive colour and distinctive shine. Stalk nicely shaped, durable. Stem directed to the side, it does not damage fruits during sorting and transportation. Admiro is a great variety for difficult external conditions. The plant sets fruits well even by low light intensity, as well as during heat. Fruits keep exceptional quality and durability over the whole growing season. Available calibers: A, B, BB, BBB