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Fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen or perishable foods, meat, fish, flowers, medicines or anything that requires temperature control? We will transport for you safely and on time!

Our company specializes in controlled-temperature transport and forwarding. We work within the European Union and in Switzerland, in compliance with the CMR Convention. Our main areas of operation are Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy and t he Scandinavian countries.

We manage a fleet of renowned Volvo trucks combined with standard or double-deck (Doppelstock) Schmitz trailers with load capacity of 22 tonnes and 13.6 metres of loading space. All trucks meet the Euro V exhaust emission standard, and all of the cooling trailers have valid ATP certificates. Our trucks arrive at the loading station fresh, clean and with a stamped cleaning and disinfection book and a set of europallets for exchange. On client’s request it is possible to make a thermograph printout once the transport is completed.

The safety of load is watched over by drivers who are skilled, trustworthy, as well as experienced. To ensure constant supervision of shipments, all trucks are under GPS tracking system, and every driver has a mobile phone available at hand. For extra safety every trailer is equipped with additional metal bars with padlocks. Our insurance amounts to 300.000 USD per incident.